Comprehensive Security Checks

Our team of specialists can detect security threats and risks such as a breach of customer data, and take action by blocking access before customer data is compromised. We will constantly evaluate the performance of our solutions on your device and make upgrades or enhancements designed to optimize them, enabling you to maintain quickness and quarantine scams.
In today’s world most of the internet traffic is from smart electronic devices. As smart device technology continues to evolve, it also paves the way for an increasing amount of scams. Since using these devices has become a more integral part of our daily lives, it’s important to be aware of the different types of scams and how to avoid them.

Our team empowers you to reduce online risk and improve overall security posture by recognizing, modifying and eliminating threats, evolving risk management programs and achieving compliance requirements. Thus our aim is to identify suspicious devices and minimize loss by regularly checking your system and updating in case of any existing faults. We deal with all the possibilities to increase awareness and review all protection options.  

In addition the users are trained by our specialists to play a more active role at protecting themselves against fraud caused by device theft. In the new twist, scammers are claiming to be able to fix virus on your smartphones or tablets. The scammer will ask you to grant them remote access to your computer or connect your device to the computer so they are able to access your device through it. Around 90% frauds happen as the scammers gain access to the victims account. There are multiple ways for account takeovers to happen including data breaches revealing customer credentials, weak authentication systems, and mobile device theft. These scammers often use fake websites, fake emails are fake mobile apps designed to trick users into granting scammers access to bank accounts and banking apps. WebProtectt ensures that you do not let your guard drop by the sense of urgency. WebProtectt team is available 24X7 (helpline access) to check your device for any anti- virus issues.

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