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The first impression of cyber- security fundamentally denotes to the technical feature. There are numerous things like computer science jargons, data management software’s etc. are not easy to be understood by average computer users. These fields require specialist knowledge as well as substantial conjectural and hands-on training. WebProtectt understands that several security issues take place in these aspects and they indeed call upon expert involvement. But primarily the great cause of cyber security threats mostly come with careless and innocent connects that are made by users. Once the attack is successful on the targeted victim the lateral development can cause significant damage for the victim.


WebProtectt team believes that we should train, educate and guide you on different aspects of cyber security and you should not fall victim to these tricks.
Creating world- class cybersecurity anti-scam software is not only part of our job. Training you how to master it is the other mission. WebProtectt teams of experts offer a range of training so our customers can sharpen their skills. Our specialists offer advice to help you stay secure in an ever changing threat landscape. WebProtectt team expert training gives you a head start you need to get going. Our idea is to make IT world a safer place and this is why we offer free protection training and advice to keep you secure.

To gain maximum value of our service you require trained staff to configure and train you on the software more efficiently alongside optimally training you on safeguarding your critical data.

Our service training programs are self- guided and focus on set up, configuration and management of our service in your device(s).

-These can be taken according to your schedule while you’re spending time at your desk. This saves time and travel costs.
-These are completely immersive trainings with detailed demonstration using several case scenarios to follow best practices and experience.
-Our trainings are followed by email/ phone call access to our 24*7 helpdesks for any kind of assistance.


The landscape of cybersecurity evolves much faster than we can think. New scams and approaches of threats emerge on daily basis. The team will educate you upon traditional anti scam methods to advanced real time scams/ threats hackers are using now a days and how can you protect yourself. We start with educating you to be cautious on over friendly phone calls, unaware email links, panic calls, malicious honor threats etc. Our toolkits are packed with advice + software that will help you secure your device(s). We ensure that you should be regularly educated about existing issues and train you to conduct regular security checks to ensure you are free from any kind of scams. The good news is that regardless of the actual tactics used, a savvy well informed consumer can spot a scam just by knowing and warning signs and being aware. We have listed few practical tips to help you stay a step ahead.

Spot Imposters: Never give personal sensitive information or send money in response to an unexpected call/email.

Online Research: In case if you receive a phone call or email, the first thing to do is a thorough researches regarding telephone number, search the phrase that describes the situation.

Talk to a friend/ relative: Fraudsters always want you to make impulsive decisions. Before you give out sensitive information talk to someone you can trust, a friend or a relative.

Never pay Upfront: Govt. agencies and honest companies would never advise you to use payment methods like wiring money through Western Union or Money Gram.


Few computer users believe that installing more than one anti scam protection on their device can ensure 100% protection from scams or threats. As a matter of fact this behavior may generate issues for you in this digital world. These fallacies in a way enable the attacker to breakdown the security of the target. Also, few of us believe that we can format the infected device to reinstate the original settings as a final solution to get rid of threats or scams. Unfortunately, by then the attacker has already backed up personal information and files. Formatting essentially may not relocate the threat. WebProtectt guides you regularly that user behavior is not a software problem and it can generate multiple exposures and thus uncover the user to more security threats. Few threats listed below for your reference.

General Scams: Scammers do not ploy typically to target a specific demographic, virtually everyone can be a fair game. Victims are found by chance and scams are widely penetrated. These would include imposters claiming to be government officials and requesting personal information, passing counterfeit checks, requests for donations to bogus charities, blackmail etc.

Senior Scams: Seniors are more vulnerable to scams because of changes in the brain that make it harder for elderly people to recognize malicious calls or demands. Most often these scams are done by people they know and trust – friend, family member, caregiver or any helper.

Student Scams: Students are attractive target for scammers because they are easy to find (social media) and have money from parents or guardians. Common student scams are administration imposters demanding fees, passing counterfeit checks, textbook sellers demanding payment and not fulfilling order etc.

WebProtectt package explains what constitutes the services, how to use them, and their value. Additionally the package covers complete assistance to automatically stay alert and analyze events from various threats. We thoroughly illuminate the purpose of WebProtectt and our protection principles. The package includes software alongside train, educate and guide facts which clearly explain the ethics of implementing protection work. Once you sign up with us you will be able to perform typical checks against threats or scams.

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