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WebProtectt Secure Internet Gateway protects your network against all web-borne threats and enforces productive user web browsing in minutes.


Scans endpoints against a massive list of identified worthy and unworthy files collected from years from the 85 million endpoints deployed worldwide.

Automated signature updates that abridges distribution through your complete setting in order to lower operational budgets conveying dependable, centralized and completely scalable security solutions for
today’s digital world.

There are 5% of cases where VirusScope and Valkyrie are unable to return a judgement, in these cases the files are sent to researchers for human analysis who mark a resolution within SLA timelines.


Uses techniques such as API hooking, DLL injection prevention, and few more to recognize indicators of conciliation though keeping the endpoint safe and without affecting user productivity.

Despite the fact running in auto-containment, unidentified files are uploaded to a worldwide threat cloud for real-time analysis, returning a judgement within 45 seconds for 95% of the files submitted.

All Malwares are not alike. Few malware does not require executing a file, its built-in the endpoint’s memory-based artifact such as RAM. Webprotectts Endpoint security completely stops carve contact
against the threat.

Host Intrusion Prevention is rules-based and monitors application events and system methods, isolating those that are malicious by faltering activities that could damage grave system components.

Manages coarse management of inbound and outbound network activities, hides system ports from scans, and provides cautions when malicious actions are sensed.

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WebProtectt Secure Web Gateway enables businesses of all sizes to easily monitor, control and protect employee web browsing 24/7/365.


Protect users from zero-day web threats, no matter their location, and ensure strict compliance with policies, without slowing down users.


Protect your network against all web-borne threats and enforce productive user web browsing in minutes.


Easily customize Category Rules to block websites deemed unproductive or inappropriate for specific departments and users.

Frequently asked questions

Our superior endpoint security solution provides widespread data protection capabilities which include data encryption, file and folder encryption, native encryption management, device control and data loss prevention.

We offer tools to better manage when a breach occurs, that includes detection, alerting, and rapid response capabilities. Our features provide you constant visibility and powerful understandings into your endpoints. This will help you identify breaches and correct issues faster.

We act beyond detection capabilities and provide advanced protection against targeted attacks. Our solution enables adaptive threat prevention system by sharing relevant security data across endpoints, gateways and other security products.

We support all operating systems like Windows, MAC’s, Linux or Unix or a mixture of any of these. The solution will also support your mobile devices including IOS, Android and tablets.

Our endpoint security includes both advanced malware detection capabilities alongside includes comprehensive endpoint security components such as desktop firewall, email server anti-virus, HOST IPS, device control, mobile antivirus and device management, application control and encryption

We work on security measures like implementing white-list/black-list, blocking access, IP-filtering, patching system, adding firewall, intrusion detection etc. to thwart threats. Additionally, we focus on security and risk management space on behavioral analysis techniques to develop Insider Threat Prevention solutions. We have also adapted Machine Learning (ML) and AI to go beyond analytics and create intelligent, expert solutions.

We suggest you to call one of our specialists on toll free number 1-800-000-XYZ and they will assist you with user enrollment and device enrollment. Please ensure that you have uninstalled any other similar type of product that is existing on your device.

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