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WebProtectt innovates and defines the market with a platform enabling rapid deployment of advanced protections for millions of users worldwide.

Webprotectt Endpoint Cybersecurity

Web Threats are becoming more of a norm than an exception for individuals in our digitally driven age. WebProtectt cybersecurity provides active Breach protection with its cloud-delivered cybersecurity platform to fight threats that float upon us. We can begin to take steps toward better cybersecurity solutions by a greater understanding of online threats, what they entail when they occur and how to detect them. The WebProtectt Cybersecurity Platform provides a zero trust security environment that verdict 100% of unknown files. The platform condenses an almost instant judgment on the status of any unknown file, so it can be handled accordingly by either our software or human analysts. Our services are designed to ensure that our products meet your rigorous expectations.

WebProtectt’s unique cybersecurity ensures you of guarding an endpoint network when accessed by remote devices like smartphones, laptops, tablets or other wireless devices. It includes monitoring status, software, and activities with confidence and efficacy. Our app takes the complexity out of security and privacy so you can focus on the important things in life. Webprotectt cybersecurity protection continues to build on its unique position as one of the largest certificate specialist to authenticate, validate and secure networks for individuals.

Get complete protection for every endpoint on your network.

  • 7-Layers Endpoint Security Platform
  • Default Deny Security
  • Cloud-based Malware Analysis

Webprotectt- Endpoints Security

• Guard endpoints against 100% unidentified threats without impacting user productivity.
• Combination of machine learning and human expert analysis gives your judgment in 45 seconds max.
• Once Advanced Endpoint Protection is installed it won’t severely affect endpoint performance.

Product Security

Webprotectt Cybersecurity provides Active Breach Protection in a single platform. No one can stop 100% of threats from entering their network and Webprotectt takes a different approach to avert breaches. We believe in stopping threats before they are even born. Webprotectt cybersecurity is the only endpoint security solution that provides immediate auto containment of all unknown zero-day threats. Webprotectt ensures 100% trusted verdict approach that enables users to remain productive as usual without allowing unknown threats to harm their endpoints. More sophisticated threats are investigated 24x7x365 by our worldwide team of security experts.

Webprotectt- Breach Protection: Most Advanced Threat Protection

• Comprehensive cloud-native framework delivers zero trust style to protect & secure your endpoints. (Breach Proof with Our Zero Trust Platforms.)
• Webprotectt’s breach protection tools are able to identify and block suspicious code pattern before it can get to your network.
•Our security experts search for vulnerabilities, continuously monitor your devices for indications of compromise, and contain advanced threats.

Breach protection

In today’s world cybercriminals use various programmed tools towards controlling network security defense to take charge into your devices. Therefore it is important to choose an advanced threat protection like an effective breach detection system to improve security. Webprotectt's threat protection solution works by differing combinations of traffic analysis, heuristics, risk assessment, data policy understanding, safe traffic and violation reporting. Compared to average security devices such as antivirus and a firewall which are both effective for incoming attacks, breach detection system works on suspicious activity that occurs within a network it already protects. Breach protection is your primary and top line of defense against fraud.


Auto Control Webprotectt Antivirus

Scans endpoints against a massive list of identified worthy and unworthy files collected from years from the 85 million endpoints deployed worldwide.

Cloud-based Online Platform

Automated signature updates that abridges distribution through your setting to lower operational budgets conveying dependable, centralized and completely scalable security solutions

VirusScope Behavioral analysis

Uses techniques such as API hooking, DLL injection prevention, and few more to recognize indicators of conciliation though keeping the endpoint safe and without affecting user productivity.

Valkyrie Verdict Decision Engine

Despite the fact running in auto-containment, unidentified files are uploaded to a worldwide threat cloud for real-time analysis, returning a judgement within 45 seconds for 95% of the files submitted.

Fileless Malware Protection

All Malwares are not alike. Few malware does not require executing a file, its built-in the endpoint’s memory-based artifact such as RAM. Webprotectts Endpoint security completely stops carve contact against the threat.

Host Intrusion Prevention

Host Intrusion Prevention is rules-based and monitors application events and system methods, isolating those that are malicious by faltering activities that could damage grave system components.

Personal Packet Filtering Firewall

Manages coarse management of inbound and outbound network activities, hides system ports from scans, and provides cautions when malicious actions are sensed.

Human Analysis Support: 24X7

In 5% cases, VirusScope and Valkyrie are unable to return a judgment, in such cases the files are sent to researchers for human analysis who mark a resolution within SLA timelines.

WebProtectt's Comprehensive Security Checks

Our team of specialists can detect security threats and risks such as a breach of customer data, and take action by blocking access before customer data is compromised. We will constantly evaluate the performance of our solutions on your device and make upgrades or enhancements designed to optimize them, enabling you to maintain quickness and quarantine threats.

Our team empowers you to reduce online risk and improve overall security posture by recognizing, modifying and eliminating threats, evolving risk management programs and achieving compliance requirements. Thus our aim is to identify suspicious devices and minimize loss by regularly checking your system and updating in case of any existing faults. We deal with all the possibilities to increase awareness and review all protection options. 

How we can help you?


WebProtectt offers advice to help you stay secure in an ever changing threat landscape. Our team's expert training gives you a head start you need to get going. Our idea is to make IT world a safer place therefore we offer free protection training and advice to keep you secure.


The team will educate you upon traditional anti threat methods to advanced real time threat/ threats hackers are using now a days and how can you protect yourself. We ensure that you are regularly educated about existing issues and trained for regular security checks.


WebProtectt takes up the responsibility to guide you regularly that user behavior is not a software problem and it can generate multiple exposures and thus uncover the user to more security threats. We consistently guide you to ensure that you are free from any kind of web threat.

Exceptional Customer Support

Our services are designed to ensure that our products meet your rigorous expectations.
For this purpose we offer a complete professional service portfolio for each product so that evolving requirements are met
  • Rapid access to our expert security analysts from Webprotectt to help you reduce the dwelling period of fraudster and ease the impact of an incident.
  • Multiple support options to address your needs, starting from basic to enhanced application maintenance
  • Reliable, constant and unique program to uphold the integrity of your data and give you the extensive oversight through our customer support team.
  • Manage your digital risk with a range of capabilities and expertise including integrated risk management, threat detection and response, identify and access management and threat prevention
  • Unmatched customer support while reaping the benefits of consistent and cost- effective protection
  • Fraud prevention call center solution and proven investigative technologies to minimize losses, prevent chargebacks and protect the identities of our customers..
  • Reliable, constant and unique program that will uphold the integrity of your data and give you the broad oversight through our customer support team. Our personalized support empowers you to discuss your issues with us at ease
  • Our customer support specialist’s mission is to secure and empower your digital future in a privacy-focused world. Our help and support team ensure that we keep upgrading our expertise and detect emerging threats with high fidelity.

Contact us before you swipe

Webprotectt effective operations make for a smoother customer journey. Front-line engagement with our support team helps prevent fraudulent activity and improve brand loyalty. Our Seasoned specialists help you in proactively identifying any threats to your account.

We understand that prevention is a better option; you need to protect yourself from the omnipresent fraudster. Virtually all aspects of our lives are digital and through just a few swipes of our fingers, we can text, share photos and pay our bills. But this convenience comes with certain risks as by messaging, using social media and managing finances, we’re sharing pieces of our identity. Once your information is shared, protecting it is no longer within our control. For this purpose, we advise our customers that our specialists available on helpline numbers guide you to benefit from the right-sized package and grow it as your needs evolve.

Millions of people trust Webprotectt with their identity and critical data because we proactively keep it safe. Our goal is to secure your digital experience and protect your identity so you can go about your life and peace of mind. The objective is to be a process impeccably combined across the fraud lifecycle and functional silos to create a holistic view. We place the customer at the center of it all following this strategy:

Webprotectt recommends you to customarily keep in touch with our specialists before you make any financial transactions online. While we constantly evolve to counter the fraud threat, we design countermeasures in ways that create a distinctive customer experience balancing trust and convenience.

Our specialist’s gather a comprehensive, advanced understanding of customer behavior and spending patterns that helps us identify potential fraudulent transaction before they occur. Our Models are built on the proper foundation, integrating accounts and transactions into a single view that enhances the power of prediction and detection

Seasoned anti-threat experts develop financial solutions that adhere to all regulatory requirements though driving fraud identification and performance. Webprotectt offers a number of precaution solutions before you make any transactions online. We are here to communication with you, which will help you cut through the clamor and enable meaningful dialogue befitting to your individual needs.

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